The Moral of the Tweet, The Tweet of the Fable


A Tweet went for a walk in the woods and met a Fable there. One thing led to the next, and they made love. Nine months later, a Tweeble was born.


A series of fabulous fables by Lyn Coffin,
shared on social media.

#Tweeble Series from #TheFirstHoneymoon


There was a hare who raced a tortoise and was so much faster than the tortoise that he got bored and fell asleep.

Moral: Ability can inhibit performance.

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While the hare slept, he had several nice dreams. He awoke to find that the tortoise had beaten him to the finish line.

Moral: Dreams have difficulty getting ahead.

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The tortoise was happy, not because he had won the race but because he thought his name would go down in history.

Moral: Most animals value achievement as a means to recognition.

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The tortoise was wrong: the story of the race survived, but no knowledge of the racers.

Moral: History is more a matter of deeds than doers.

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Because the tortoise had been victorious, many other tortoises challenged hares to races: all these tortoises lost.

Moral: One success can inspire many failures.

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When the hare's son grew up, his father told and retold him the story of the race, saying, "Where I failed, you must succeed."

Moral: A father who has been a failure is difficult to live with.

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When the tortoise's son grew up, his father told and retold him the story of the race, saying, "Where I succeeded, so must you."

Moral: A father who has been a success is difficult to live with.

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The old tortoise wanted his son to be rich and famous, so he urged him to stop reading so much and go out for track. Mrs. Tortoise also wanted the youngster to be rich and famous, so she urged the opposite.

Moral: Those with the same goals are often opposed when it comes to the question of means.

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The old tortoise threatened to stop supporting his wife if she didn't drop her opposition to the younger's racing, so she dropped it.

Moral: Practical considerations are often of principal importance. Also: female tortoise persons are not liberated.

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Tweeble.10 - POSTED


The old tortoise & old hare arranged for their sons to race each other - the old tortoise because he wanted the young tortoise to beat the young hare, & the old hare because he wanted the opposite. Moral: Reverse of #Tweeble.8

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(The Hare and the Tortoise, ongoing.)

The race was set for Sunday afternoon; that morning, almost everyone went to church.

Moral: A lot of animals go to church.

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