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... Here it is.... the poem and the purpose (?): the penultimate chapter

From: Austin Nissan <austin.Nissan@earthlink.net>

Date: Tue, May 30, 2016 at 2:24 PM

Subject: most precious gift

To: Lyn Coffin <coffin32@gmail.com>

Baby, all you are and the more you will be, gives me satisfaction and I'm very grateful and happy as well. I'm sure you'll have quite an experience in my fairy-tale, where all of our dreams will come true. You cannot imagine how I intend spending the rest of my life with YOU and only YOU. All that is okay but for now it's about my Mom.

Mom was a charismatic woman, she knew a whole lot of people down here where she has her businesses. So many of her business partners and friends are coming for the burial.

Today, I received a call from her lawyer, said he's coming down here on tomorrow against the event on Wednesday....but he was sounding strange on the phone and demanded to have some time to discuss some confidential things with me. Well, I can only guess it's about Mom's assets here but that's a secondary issue for now.?

Right now there are only two things in my mind. The thought of my late Mom and YOU, both of you remain the most precious gift in my life at this moment. Having you in my life has made every day special, I smile when I think of you and treasure each and every moment.

Baby, just take my hand

So we can walk together

This journey that we are on

May climb hills, valleys and mountains

But once we’re home

We’re safe and sound

And together we’ll be forever.

Like the sowing seeds

Of the sycamore tree Amore within

And generating.

If love is a season

Ours must be spring

But I’ll still come calling

When autumn leaves

Begin falling

Tulips the colour of wine

Their velvet texture

Ornate and delicate

Two lips that are yours

Soft as petals

And gently berry-stained

The intricacies of love

Are tenderly entwined

In a kiss intimate

Tender touch between you and I

I wasn’t sure I believed in love Then I met you

I wasn’t sure I could make love last

Then I fell for you

I wasn’t sure who I was

What I wanted from life

But now I do

I thank you

From the bottom of my heart

For loving me through and through

Lyn, I hope you enjoy the rest of your day. Besides everything, I try to eat when I can but most times I do not have the appetite. I'm praying that God sees me through this trying time of my life. I'm already weak and will retire to the bed. Please take care of your beautiful self for me. Guess what darling? I've a surprise for you but I'll reveal it in due time, so until then remain lovely.

Kisses from your man



From: Austin Nissan <austin.Nissan@earthlink.net>

Date: Tue, May 30,

at 7:39 PM

Subject: We were always meant to be together

To: Lyn Coffin <coffin32@gmail.com>

Lyn, do you remember the investors from Abu-Dhabi that I briefed in San Francisco?

The ones that invited me to come negotiate a business agreement on their behalf?

They have been in the business of buying other companies as investments through

Fidelity and Woolworth Investment for the American and European market respectively. They purchase long-term assets, which also puts them into the balance sheet. Last year, they came up with an initial investment fund of about $20 million, with which they invested $5 million each in four companies before the oil crash.

Unfortunately, one of the target companies failed, so $5 million was written off as failure. No doubt, they still receive a management fee of two percent (2%) of the fund value, paid quarterly. They pay salaries to its partners and other employees, and office expenses, from the management fee but the truth is that they can't afford subscribing for another year. One of the four companies didn't turn out the way it was forecast, so right now their plan is to sell of their shares in the failed company and reinvest in the succeeding company for the remaining quarter of the year.

The problem here is that I'm supposed to be their broker. That's the main reason they flew me down here even though I had to used the opportunity to see Mama too but

something happened this evening. You know, on that day Mama died I thought maybe I should give up on everything, I felt like I've lost out of life. I felt like I can't do this anymore.....but after realizing that it was God would brought you into my life.

Lyn, I developed this feeling that even though Mama is dead, I should find a way to live on at-least because of YOU. I felt that I shouldn't let the loss destroy all I've been working on these past years, Mama won't be proud of that decision. So, the thought of you came to my mind and I thought maybe you can be of help.

Right now, the negotiation has started and I'm supposed to be there if not for the loss of Mama but that's not the problem, the problem is that they are reconsidering hiring me with a feeling that it's risky dealing with a one-man company. While I was talking with their representative here in Europe, he pointed out that they are reconsidering hiring me because I pose as a risk. That if para-venture something happens to me and I don't show up when I have to, that all their effort can be ruined by my absence, so they challenged me to send in a rep on my behalf, so carry on this while I attend to my Mom's funeral.

The share sells started today and they are not participating all because of me. So, baby all I ask of you right now is to assist me get this deal done. I'll need your name and mailing address, so I can send it over to them as my representative for the bidding tomorrow. I'll guide you throughout the whole process. Meanwhile I promise to pay you from whatever I get as my payment from the whole deal.

Please send it to me as soon as you read this, they are expecting a response by tomorrow morning. I woke in the middle of the night to send you this because it's been troubling my mind on how I'm going to end up losing an opportunity like this.

It is so amazing that after all of the years that have passed us by with hardly a notion of each-others existence, that now we will soon be together for the rest of our lives. We grew up as children, never having a clue that our paths would cross so much later in life, and that we would both find a love that neither has found with anyone ... until now. We were always meant to be together, of that there is no doubt. You are truly the woman, the partner and the wife I have only dreamed of until now. I love you for you are my heart and soul; I am so wonderfully blessed to have you in my life. I love you, always and forever.

Your Man


... tomorrow, Lyn's response--

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