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Updated: May 4


...the worst has happened... Don't make any long-term decisions....

From: Austin Nissan <austin.Nissan@earthlink.net>

Date: Tue, May 25, at 5:29 PM

Subject: She’s gone

To: Lyn Coffin <coffin32@gmail.com>

Lyn, the worst has happened to me. I know I've not written you for what feels like so long but that's because after the birthday party, I went to drop some of Mama's old friends who came to see her in the hospital...then I came back late in the night by then she was asleep. So, we couldn't discuss anything. Early this morning, I went to the house to go get some clothes for here and while I was arranging them in her bag, I got a call from the doctor, I thought he wanted to tell me about his reservations for Mama in the U.S because we've been seriously discussing about that lately. So, I was very quick to go see him and on getting there he asked me to follow him to Mama's room. Once we got there, he just said "She sent for you".

Her eyes were wide open unlike it used to be. We spoke for long and I didn't notice when I slept off on the same bed because I was really tired....only for me to wake up later to realize that she has finally gone. She is dead. Mama is dead. She died this morning. The most devastating thing is that she died holding my hand. My darling, It was just too bad of me not to be with her these last days of her life. I just feel too guilty that I met her in the condition she was since I came to the UK. She had wanted me to come a long time ago. Just because of this stupid work. Just because of my work!

Oh Lyn, tell me..,, What sort of rubbish work is this? Wow! so Mama is dead!! Can’t believe this my love! now I know why I've been feeling nervous lately. Lyn, I'm alive and strong for you but my mom has finally gone to rest.

From Austin


From: Lyn Coffin <coffin32@gmail.com>

Date: Tue, May 25, 2016 at 8:12 AM

Subject: My deepest condolences

To: Austin Nissan <austin.Nissan@earthlink.net>

Dearest Austin,

I am so sorry. I can’t imagine how terrible this must be for you. But how wonderful that you were there for her, and she died right after a gathering in her honor, and you know nothing else could have been done for her because she died in the hospital.

Yes, she had wanted you to come a long time ago. But the key thing is, you came. And you were fortunate business took you there. I don’t know what to say, Austin. I feel for you. I am here for you. You will probably need to stay there longer now, to settle the estate. I send you my deepest condolences, Austin.

She died holding your hand. Yes, devastating for you, but a great grace for her. I don’t understand, “too bad of me not to be with her these last days of her life.” You were with her as much as you could be, darling. Let me know if there is anything I can write, anything I can do. I am helpless to help you, my dear one.

I have no phone contact here. But I’ll keep watching for emails and be responsive. Take good care of yourself. Don’t make any long-lasting decisions. I’m here for you.

Love, Lyn


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