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...I had the impression of moving many ways at once.... It was pleasurable, but terrifying....


From: Lyn Coffin <coffin32@gmail.com>

Date: Tue, May 24, at 3:41 PM

Subject: Counting the hours

To: Austin Nissan <austin.Nissan@earthlink.net>

I’m about to go into the semi wilderness. If I don't write, that's why.

So far, I'm not worried- counting the hours, though! I'd like to meet Mama Austin, if you could arrange it. I could even go and help her convalesce- be an Aussssstinnn stand-in, so to speak. I've got to eat and drive now.

LYN - Loving You Now


From: Lyn Coffin <coffin32@gmail.com>

Date: Tue, May 24, at 9:51 PM

Subject: coming home

To: Austin Nissan <austin.Nissan@earthlink.net>

You're coming home

You're coming home

In less than 100 hours

You’ll be in my arms

never has "soon" had more

of an ache

I love you, Austin


From: Lyn Coffin <coffin32@gmail.com>

Date: Tue, May 25, at 7:44 AM

Subject: Wondering how you are

To: Austin Nissan <austin.Nissan@earthlink.net>

Dearest Austin,

I’m here at my friend’s cabin in Mazama. This evening, we saw a doe and three fawns- two yearlings and a baby- browsing in the woods. It was a great welcome. Here is what a reviewer said about my short story collection (about to be reissued):

This review was written for LibraryThing Early Reviewers.

Lyn Coffin's short story collection is immediate and emotionally evocative. I laughed out loud, I cried, I was shocked, and I was intellectually stimulated. Coffin's writing is crisp and clear. To use the author's words, "Reading you, I had the impression of moving many ways at once, as if I were dispersing. It was pleasurable, yet terrifying, like a ride on the roller coaster. When I wanted to get out of it, I couldn't. Mostly, I wanted in." I think this is the most well-balanced short story collection that I have ever read."

I am so happy you are coming home. I am so happy you live in Seattle. Dearest Austin, I am glad for this correspondence we have had/are having…. I am trying to stay calm. Tonight, I watched Hitchcock’s movie Suspicion. It was so old-fashioned and still powerful, just right for this cabin. The cabin is next to an air strip, and my friend says planes will be landing this weekend, beginning tomorrow. Tomorrow is Wednesday.

Tomorrow I’ll be able to say the day after tomorrow. It was beautiful driving through the mountains, seeing the waterfalls, thinking of you.

Wondering how you are. Sending my love, missing my morning mail- Hoping hoping

Good night to you,


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