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Updated: May 1

...coming home on Friday

From: Austin Nissan <austin.Nissan@earthlink.net>

Date: Tue, May 23, at 6:52 AM

Subject: Happiness

To: Lyn Coffin <coffin32@gmail.com>

My love, hope you a good night sleep? I will call later today, I'm here at the hospital, you already know it's her birthday, so I'm going to make this short. Today is my mum's birthday. The first thing she said when she saw me was “Is the party today?” Lol, this woman brings me happiness. That was the first thing She asked me. The nurse called last night and asked me if it was going to be a surprise party. “It’s not supposed to be,” I said, half-joking, “but you never know.”

Planning this party had been less than fun, which was directly related to Mama's illness. Several times, her best friend Maureen had told me that my mom wanted something, like an intimate gathering for a meal. I think that would be great. When I was trying to share ideas with my Mama about her birthday the day she woke up she said “Why would you think that’s the way I wanted to spend my birthday?” She snapped at me. This has been a pretty familiar pattern with Mama in these last few years. She’ll tell me something, usually having to do with a doctor she is going to see or some kind of personal business decision; there was a time she just decided to sell her real estate property and I'm still waiting for her to tell me why she made that decision.

In those times, she will make a pronouncement on the phone (all of our communications are by phone and emails, since she lives here), and then as a wrap up I’ll mention it again before we hang up. She’ll get very defensive and accusatory in the same vein of, "What makes you think I would agree to something like that?" Lol. We have fun quarreling but the moment I say "Okay, do it your way" she will call back and say "How on earth am I going to do it at my age? That's not how to treat a lady" Lol. Oh Lyn you need to be with this humorous woman. I just wish there was a way you both could meet. I'm sure you'd get along well.

My love, I've been telling her a lot about you and when I told her you sent your regards and have been so encouraging she was so happy; she couldn't help but ask me to marry you. Giggle. She was like "Auuuussstin" and I answered "Mama", she looked at me again and called "Auuuuuussstin" and I answered "Yes Mama, do you want anything ?" Then she said yes....Marry that lady Lyn, I don't know her but the way you speak about her, I don't have any doubt that she makes you happy because it's written on your face". I couldn't contain my Joy.

My love, I have to go now. Tomorrow I have to meet one of the oil marketers. I haven't been able do somethings because of my mum but now I can do that. She will be looking for me but you're all I think of. I love you, Lyn. I'll be coming home on Friday.

Your Lover Austin

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