• Lyn Coffin



Blinched, with finglings gruss as grabs, he points,

And with suck dirgits, sturfles and annoints.

With blurbing blibes, he jabberslimes the stage,

And slothers snicks and shanneadies with rage.

Mitchmatchelated by a grag of unjurged thugs,

He brothels pleach and charsatanic drugs.

Lurkeys scrumble to consecrame his wish

Glubbing science like a plasticated fish.

He xounds the plap and ploppit to a mess

A scalpulated conflebated yes.

In this bludded land, his chanking hacks

Kneel on the necks of single unarmed blacks.

ImPOTUS (May, 2020)

White, with fingers gray as grubs, he points,

And with a digit, stifles or anoints.

With blabbing lies, he jabberslimes the stage,

And smothers sense and sanity with rage.

Surrounded by a gang of unmasked thugs

He preaches bleach and charlatannic drugs.

Lackeys scramble to confirm his wish

Gutting science like a strangulated fish.

He pounds the pulp and pulpit to a mess:

A corrugated congregated yes.

In this bleach-bland land, his ranking hacks

Kneel on the necks of single unarmed blacks.

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